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In Mongolia three ministries each bear some responsibility for rehabilitation, albeit for different aspects. The Ministry for Health (MOH) is answerable for rehabilitation care and services as part of its legislated responsibility for medical care, health insurance and health policy and planning. The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MOLSP) is legally responsible for caring for disabled children and adults. It operates rehabilitation and training centres. The MOLSP is responsible for registering people with disabilities and providing, social security benefits and assistive products. The Ministry of Education and Science (MOES) has a legalized responsibility for educating children with disabilities, including vocational education and university education and for including appropriate rehabilitation in its educational services. The MOH aims to strengthen Mongolian rehabilitation to reach internationally accepted standards. The planning process is being undertaken with technical support from WHO, following the four-step process outlined in WHO’s Rehabilitation in Health Systems: Guide for Action package.In the Law of MONGOLIA on human rights of persons with disabilities included both the physical structures (buildings, ramps, and braille signs) and social structures.