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I chose first exercise. In Mongolia, A. Specialized high-intensity rehabilitation: 1. New service is in planning 2. Public and private hospitals, sanatoria and small centers have rehabilitation services of various levels or degrees B. Rehabilitation integrated into other medical specialties in tertiary and secondary healthcare: Tertiary hospitals begin multidisciplinary teams work but still traditional & electrical therapies mainly, with recent introduction of PTs and OTs etc. International standard rehabilitation doctors and nurses starting change to evidence -based rehabilitation processes. C. Rehabilitation integrated into primary healthcare: Some locations provide electrical therapy and traditional medicine mainly and some advice about mobility aids.
D. Community delivered rehabilitation soum (Bigger than village) & village: Out-patient clinic, NGO service Only in some area of Ulaanbaatar capital city of Mongolia. Child early intervention system (in process of launching in 6 provinces)
E. Informal and self-directed care: mostly Mongolian traditional approaches/Beliefs.