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Moral model of disability- in some parts of Kenya view persons with disability as having sinned against God and so their disability is punishment from God. Some communities actually hide their children with disabilities in isolation in a dark room; Some are even chained so that they do not try to leave the dark rooms.
Medical model of disability – describes a person with disability as one who has something wrong that the doctors must fix. They view disability as a pathology to be treated.
Social model of disability -views the society as a barrier to disability. There is something wrong with the society that needs to change to accommodate persons with disability; such as, provide a sign language interpreter for the ‘DEAF’, construct ramps for the buildings and fix rails in a suitable universal toilet for the persons with disabilities among others.
I was raised up to pity the persons with disability, thinking that the family had done something wrong and this was a punishment from God. However now I have a different opinion, i feel the society should do something to accommodate persons with disabilities.