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1. What examples do you see in your country of the different models of disability?

Moral Model- I had a friend in school when I was a child who had some kind of cognitive impairment. He mother said to me that she was born like that because she did something wrong in other life.
Medical Model – Parents making every effort for their children to walk after being born with a medical condition that prevent them from walking. It take some time form them to realize and accept the little girl or boy won’t walk or won’t use “normal” ways to move around.
Social Model – I have a cousin who had an accident and had a spine injury. He is independent using a wheelchair, lives by himself, works and is productive. Still he has a person who helps him a lot for transfers.

2. What do you think when you see someone with a disability? What model of disability were you raised with? These questions can give you insight into the model you might choose.

I grown up thinking that a person should be respected and included. The girl from my school was my friend, I was the only person she invited to her home when we were at school. I think my cousin could be even more independent and have a family if he wants. I always see ways on how people could be more independent, ways that other persons might not see, and sometimes people think I am not realistic. I think I am more inclide to social and medical model.