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What NGOs are working in your country or district to meet the rehabilitation needs of the population? Teleton Mexico, mostly. Some wheelchair donations from LDS, American Wheelchair Mission, Rotary International. There is on hospital from Shriners.

Is your country using the WHO Guide to Action? No

You may be someone or know someone, or indeed many people, with a chronic disease or disability. What has been their experience in getting health care, rehabilitation, or assistive technology? They usually access health care through the public health system which sometimes does not provide medicines and people has to pay out of pocket. The health care sector is reducing the number of services and treatments being provided. However, people still can access services with waiting times. Assistive products are frequently provided or donated without related services. People have to pay out-of-pocket as these products are not covered by the health system. Other times people wait for donations of wheelchairs, spectacles and hearing aids.