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In Uganda, the disability prevalence among women is at 15% and 10% among men, 15 percent of the disabilities were in urban areas and 12% in rural areas. Majority of persons with disabilities are subsistence farmers (73.7%) compared to persons without disabilities (61.6%) (according to UBOS, 2019). Rehabilitation services are provided within Kawempe division at Mulago hospital physiotherapy department and Katalemwa rehabilitation center in Kampala district, Uganda at a free and a subsidized cost to help to improve the function, independence, and quality of life of persons with physical disabilities. However, many people with physical disabilities do not utilize the services and the reasons are not clear.

To promote INCLUSION in Uganda, the Government draws its mandate from the Persons with Disabilities Act, 2020, Act 3 of 2020, An Act to provide for the respect and promotion of the fundamental and other human rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities. its mandate is not limited to, promote Access to justice, information and training ,Non discrimination in the provision of services on a commercial basis, Non discrimination in the provision of transport services, Accessibility to buildings, Non discrimination in employment, Habilitation and rehabilitation for persons with disabilities.

In uganda, Katalemwa Cheshire Home is a Children with disabilities focused NGO that provides holistic rehabilitation services. It was founded in Uganda in 1970 and officially opened in 1971, with the aim of providing a family home environment to people who were incurably sick or with physical disabilities. With over 50 years of existance, they support over 4000 children annually, over 250 projects excuted on PWDs, and produced over 4500 assistive devices annually. They offer, Advocacy, Inclusive Education Support, Livelihood & Economic Empowerment, Partnerships & Networks, Fabrication of assistive devices, Medical & Social Rehabilitation,

In Uganda, Persons with Disabilities Act, 2020, A person with a disability shall enjoy the fundamental and other human rights and freedoms in the constitution. The government and people of Uganda shall uphold the rights and freedoms of people with disabilities. The blueprint is in its final stages regarding disability and rehabilitation, thus efforts being made for “INCLUSION FOR ALL”