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Nepal is following WHO Guide to Action to initiate its Systematic assessment of rehabilitation situation (STARS) which was conducted from October 2019 to February 2020. The STARS report has been published in 2022 following the drafting of the National Rehabilitation Strategic Plan. The STARS was conducted in a leadership of Ministry of health and population (MoHP) Nepal particularly a focal section- Leprosy control and disability Management section (LCDMS) with technical support from the WHO and USAID’s Physical Rehabilitation Activity (PRA) implemented by Handicap International (HI) Nepal. In the Southeast Asia Region, Nepal is the second country after Myanmar to have completed a STARS assessment. With successful accomplishment of STARS MoHP/LCDMS has started to draft National Rehabilitation Strategic Plan in close coordination with health and rehabilitation stakeholders which is anticipated to be finalized withing few months of time.