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Albert Erongu

1. Several NGOs are working in Uganda; AVIS, Physiopedia, Humanity, Momentum Wheels for Humanity and Inclusion, Miracle Feet, Re-LAB HS, Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services for People with Disability in Uganda, CURE Children’s Hospital, Community Focused International, O.J Disability Foundation, Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Services, African Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (ACTV), Swiss Limb and Swiss Ability etc
2. Uganda is using the WHO guide to action and currently, the National Strategic Plan is in the final stage for approval by the Ministry of Health.
3. I have directly interacted with many people in need of rehabilitation and AT services. However, a huge gap still exists in communication or information about rehabilitation and, the high cost of assistive products like artificial limbs, wheelchairs, axillary crutches, etc. Some of the NGOs in the Country are providing services based on donor-targeted population categories.