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Hi everyone. Hoeung Heam (call me Hoeung) is here. I am from Cambodia currently a Chair of the Cambodian Physical Therapy Association (CPTA). Regarding my background, I am a physiotherapist began my initial work for a rehabilitation center in 2002 and continue to two senior physiotherapy role until 2010. I then moved to work in rehabilitation service management and coordination engaged in policy and guideline development, research, evaluation and training. Currently, I am working with stakeholders to support the Ministry of Health to produce rehabilitee policy and service guideline for rehabilitation.

I am appreciate to be part of this blending course by John Hopkin University. I hope that:
1) I will learn the principle, framework, concepts, and evidence of effective ways / strategy for rehabilitation
2) I will be able to learn more from other participants on rehabilitation in particular when it is place under health system
3) I can connect with good friends who are working in rehabilitation so that I will continue to learn and share with them