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In Cambodia. the three model are currently used.
1) Moral model is used only it is build from our sociocultural but also political. For example, people accept the reality that someone using a wheelchair cannot do good work thus they cannot make income for themselves, thus giving them money, food, and material is good thing to do. However, the medical model is commonly see or hear among people including medical team. The most obvious is that government guideline on identification of disability define disability in a medical way. Currently, with more than a decade of civil society advocacy, the government now start to define disability in a social model by issuing the latest guideline for disability identification using washing town group together with ICF. Right based is commonly heard from civil society agencies/NGOs.

2) As a person involved in rehabilitation and disability for more than two decades as well as the experience working with INGOs, I am understanding the social and right based definition of disability. I know what is impairment and what is disability in reference to ICF. Therefore, I do not use the work disability interchange with impairment. In term of disability models, my daily and professional life is inline with this model. Of course, in term of support, as a person in a society with many deep in spiritual, sometimes, I have to be flexible in my interaction. However, as a physiotherapist, my service to public users will always clear about medical and social model, and the latter is also way the ultimate goal.