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In Cambodia, rehabilitation service use interdisciplinary model in physical rehabilitation centers. There are three technical groups work there including physiotherapists, prosthetists & orthotists, and social workers (usually not high education graduates). Regarding locations in hospitals in Cambodia, rehabilitation take place in some all national hospitals (4) and most of the provincial level hospitals (25). Usually, the service is for OPD patients. However, some rehabilitation is also provide in IPD of different wards or departments. Only physiotherapy service is available. One national hospital and an NGO supporting service provide speech therapy.

To help reduce environmental barriers, in Cambodia, a regulation on accessible building has been adopted. However, the enforcement for implementation is not going well as we can see that many new building including government buildings are not accessible. There are some initiation under NGOs supporting fund to build ramps and rails to buildings of health settings like hospital and health centers. Regarding social barriers like behaviors, stigmatization, and belief, there are not clear-cut of a stance alone regulation. However, some laws and regulations in relation to Human and Disability Rights do indicate this area.