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1) In Cambodia, there are three INGO are working in rehibition service: HI, ICRC, and Exceed World Wide. In addition, Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and HI, is running a 5-year program to support AT in the country.

2) Officially, Cambodia is not using the WHO Guide to Action for its rehabilitation policy and service delivery. However, there are some initiatives for using it developing rehabilitation guidelines under development partner support. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health (MoH) is considering to use the Guide for developing its rehabilitation policies and service guidelines. While government directive is to handover the rehabilitation to the ministry from the Ministry of Social Affairs, it is remained to be seen because the transition have not happen yet.

3) In Cambodia, rehabilitation service is limited, in particular, after some INGOs have not able to continue their support rehabilitation sector in the country. This leads to many people in particular children, women and elderly with disability cannot access to rehabilitation service. For example, last year I conducted a research on caring for children with disability, and many of the moderate to severe children with disability do not have a wheelchair or seating device for their daily life, caring, and preventing more complications.