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NGOs in Tanzania include (note this is not an exhaustive list):
– Humanity and Inclusion
– Hellen Keller International
– Sightsaves
– Light for the World
– Kilimanjaro Center for Community Opthalmology
– Results for Development
– Brian Holden Vision Institute
– Open University
of Tanzania

Yes, Tanzania is using the WHO Action Guide and has conducted a situational assessment as well as developed its first national rehabilitation strategic plan.

I have experienced parents navigating the private health care system for access to spectacles and hearing aids for their children; in the private sector, if you have the resources it’s readily available and the quality of both products and services is good. However, in the public sector, there are many challenges related to awareness, stigma, access to good primary and secondary screening, lack of referral pathways, and unaffordability to products such as hearing aids that are not covered through the national health insurance program and are very expensive.