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Telerehabilitation allows patients to interact with providers remotely and can be used both to assess patients and clients

Multicultural considerations in therapy can help a therapist avoid any offensive or inappropriate suggestions, behaviors, or reactions, enabling the client to feel safe opening up to their therapist. Using a person’s correct pronouns is an effective way for a culturally sensitive therapist to show the client respect.


I recommend the integration of telerehabilitation into clinical training. However, experts’ opinions on key core knowledge and skills needed and the local contextual factors that might influence its adoption and implementation should be considered during the training. Approaching telerehabilitation training and integration in this way would provide guidelines for contextually relevant and sustainable telerehabilitation services across all clinical platforms.
Share evidence-based information with your patient through diverse media, in an understandable language;. • Encourage active participation in thorough out the process.
for a safe and assertive telerehabilitation practice
Using simple words, simple commands for exercises, and avoiding technical language are also key valuable strategies to use during telerehabilitation.