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#1 Leadership Behaviours can be taught vs. leaders are born

As I reflect on this, I don’t believe that it’s black and white (i.e. one or the other). I do think that there are some that have natural leadership capabilities and are able to demonstrate them from a young age, while there are others where leadership does not come naturally and they need further training/cultivation.

For example, when I look at my older daughter, she has this innate ability to lead her group of funds and they naturally follow her. She’s not bossy but has a way of taking care of people’s needs and her friends naturally follow her lead and listen to her. This makes me to believe that she does have some innate leadership qualities that she’s able to demonstrate from a very young age. As I reflect on my leadership journey however, leadership was not something I demonstrated at a young age. I was always quiet, shy, happy to follow the majority and mindful of others needs. I never really voiced my opinion, even though I had one. As I grew older, and was trained and sometimes forced to voice my opinion or lead a group, is where I began to develop my leadership skills and have continued to evolve ever since.