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Oda Msuha

1. I think leaders can be taught not born. Though some people are born with characteristics of a leader like being confident and courageous enough to make decisions on tough situations like what Winston Churchill and George Marshall did and manage to achieve what they achieved that made them to be recognized as born leaders, I think a good leader is someone who invest on daily self improvement through education, reflection and engagement like Nelson Mandela who did not poses any political influence and leadership, he learned and improved to become a better visionary leader.

2.Following my self assessment through emotional intelligence questionnaire I found myself having strength on self awareness and motivating oneself while I need to give attention on social skills areas, managing emotions and learn to be empathetic.

3.Vision of CCBRT is “to provide accessible specialized health care for all Tanzanian in need”. from its establishment which was 1994 in Tanzania the organization has been evolved significantly from its focus on rehabilitation services only to encompass an comprehensive approach to health care delivery, through community engagement and advocacy to promote disability rights, maternal health and health care access
Also MUHAS vision which states “A University excelling in quality training of health professionals, research and public services with a conducive learning and working environment”. from 1963 when was founded as a medical school focus on training medical professionals to meet country health care needs to 2007 were it become university and broadened its scope to include other health related field and 2027 to present as continue to evolve its vision to integrating research, community engagement and international collaboration into its strategic plan.