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Tshering Penjor

1.Leadership behavior can be taught vs leaders are born: Most of the world leaders are made or taught leaders and seldom are born leaders and inherited leaders. An inherited leader will have an edge over taught or made leaders, but the born leaders must also be subjected to learning and training for leadership to hone their leading role. A combination of both can come as a strong leader. One such example can be cited as Bhutan’s Fourth King, who was abdicated the throne at age 16 when his father the 3rd king passed away. He brought an unprecedented changes and well being to its people through his reign.

2.Post your reflections on your strengths, areas that need attention, and development priorities as identified by the emotional intelligence questionnaire on the discussion board.
Myself as a leader is a middle of the road management. I do not find any strengths of leadership as of now. I usually tend to be gentle and try not to hurt someone’s sentiments and keep everyone happy which is really wrong. After this training i am optimistic I can be a lot better version of myself and be more of a team management leader.

3. Research some vision statements of various organizations. Post at least two such statements on the discussion forum and explain how these may have evolved.
WHO vision statement “all peoples attain the highest possible level of health”
WFP “Hunger should not be an issue in today’s world”

4.Post your reflections on building strong leadership and increasing political support for rehabilitation of your country on the discussion board.
Advocating and making people and political leaders aware of how important and vital can rehabilitation and assistive technology be, will definitely change the perceptions and ideas on these matters. Or someone from rehabilitation background must stand up to become a political leader and spearhead this action.