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Examples of Different Models of Disability in Nigeria
Moral Model:
Example: In some Nigerian communities, disability such as blindness is often viewed through a moral–spiritual lens. People with blindness are seen as bearing the consequences of their past actions or those of their parents.
Medical Model:
Example: Rehabilitation services, such as those provided for polio survivors or those injured in accidents, often emphasize the medical aspects of recovery.
Social Model:
Example: The Nigerian National Disability Act embodies principles of the social model by advocating for the removal of societal barriers and promoting accessibility and inclusion. Efforts to make public buildings accessible, provide inclusive education, and promote employment opportunities for people with disabilities reflect this model.

What do you think when you see someone with a disability?:

Being a medical practitioner, even though I feel empathy and a desire to help, I always view disability from the medical lens and try to decipher what must have led to it and the treatment modalities available and accessible for the individual to live an optimal life.