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1. Leadership behavior can be taught vs leaders are born. What do you think? Provide your rationale and an example of a born and made leader.
Some people influence and lead group at very early age proves born capabilities. But mostly leadership behavior can be taught because leadership is dynamic interplay. Born leaders’ example is Mahatma Gandhi, he was natural influencer. Made leaders’ example is Angela Merkel. She was scientist person later developed her leadership skills and became the first female Chancellor of Germany.
2. Post your reflections on your strengths, areas that need attention, and development priorities as identified by the emotional intelligence questionnaire on the discussion board. I finished EI questionnaire. My strengths are self-awareness, motivating oneself, empathy and social skill. Areas that need attention is managing emotions.
3. Research some vision statements of various organizations. Post at least two such statements on the discussion forum and explain how these may have evolved.
A. WHO vision statement is “A world in which all people attain the highest possible level of health.” At first WHO’s primary goal was communicable diseases and public health emergencies. Later on, vision evolved broader including NCD, mental health, strengthening health services etc. Currently WHO vision broadened to holistic and complex approach.
B. ISPRM vision statement is “To optimize functioning and health-related quality of life and minimize disability in persons with disabilities and medical conditions throughout the world.” At first ISPRM vision was to promote rehab specialty, improve clinical care etc. Later on, more and more comprehensive rehabilitation encouraged. Now ISPRM vision meet global needs it means became broadening.
4. Post your reflections on building strong leadership and increasing political support for rehabilitation of your country on the discussion board.
About Mongolia, strong leadership and political support are crucial. Develop strong leadership need education and training, mentorship programs and international networking. If we have more and more strong leaders in rehabilitation field will advance rehab care and services. Political support first thing to do is raising awareness because the country needs to develop rehab. Then develop policies and strengthening collaboration of stakeholders must establish inter-ministerial committee including other key stakeholders.