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1. Leadership behavior can be taught vs leaders are born. What do you think? Provide your rationale and an example of a born and made leader.
To me l think leaders are born and after the identification of the traits the person have, those characteristics can be groomed to be better leaders. Though some of the leaders are taught but they should be having some interest of being a leader.

2. Post your reflections on your strengths, areas that need attention, and development priorities as identified by the emotional intelligence questionnaire on the discussion board.
My strength, has been as a result of interaction with a number of professionals in the different fields that contribute to the emotional intelligence such as psychologist and embracing the motivation of oneself as a strategy of managing the situation. For the area that needs attention which is empathy, it seems l was kind of insensitive about other people. I need to invest time to get to learn people and be able to walk with them in their situation.

3. Research some vision statements of various organizations. Post at least two such statements on the discussion forum and explain how these may have evolved.
A world free from torture, it was generated by a team of four medical professionals who where arrested and imprisoned and during their stay, they underwent torture. After their released, there was no special care for them and they were expected to go through the main stream treatment procedure lika any other person seeking medical care. Torture being sensitive case, need a special attention and they realised that many people go through torture and have no where to go and get rehabilitated. So they started an indigenous NGO called African centre for treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture victims with the vision a world free from torture.
4. Post your reflections on building strong leadership and increasing political support for rehabilitation of your country on the discussion board.
Strong leadership and political will is a strong dive to push for rehabilitation agenda. Since leaders and politicians are the decision makers. So by involving strong leaders, the rehabilitation agenda can easily be acheived.