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Hoang Thuy Dung

in My opinion, the most successful leaders often possess a blend of innate traits and learned skills. The ability to lead effectively can be significantly enhanced through education, training, and real-world experience.
1. World Health Organization (WHO) in Vietnam’s Vision Statement: “A world in which everyone can live healthy, productive lives, regardless of who they are or where they live.” The WHO’s vision has evolved to reflect a global commitment to achieving universal health coverage and addressing health inequalities.This evolution mirrors the organization’s response to emerging global health challenges and its goal of improving health outcomes for all populations​.
Vision Statement: “To improve the lives of disadvantaged people through education, health care, and livelihood support programs.”

2. Hearts for Hue (H4H)’s Vision Statement:Hearts for Hue’s vision has likely evolved from focusing solely on immediate healthcare needs to incorporating a more holistic approach that includes education and livelihood support. This broader vision addresses the root causes of health disparities by empowering communities with the tools and resources needed for sustainable development. The evolution of this vision reflects a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of health, education, and economic stability in improving overall quality of life