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My country Tanzania has already established a National Rehabilitation Strategic Plan 2021-2026, which has four major objectives named: 1. Strengthen rehabilitation leadership, planning, and generation of evidence and
information 2. Increase the availability of rehabilitation services and expand financing 3. Strengthen and expand the rehabilitation workforce 4.Increase the access and provision to assistive products
As this is the first Tanzania Rehabilitation Strategic Plan developed its implementation may undergo several challenges of which may include human resource and training. Human resource in rehabilitation is extensive and there may be a need of different specialties to full fill the task (some specialty are lacking due to lack of education institutions within the country e.g. physiotherapists, occupational therapists their training is available to bachelor level within the country. Higher level (master) may be needed to improve rehabilitation leadership and political support as this will stimulate researches to be conducted within the rehabilitation field and influence the policy makers on police changes.