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Well the main intervention for improving rehabilitation health services in Uganda is development of the National Strategic plan for rehabilitation and assistive technology services and the aspects of this intervention will focus on the source of information to be used, Evidence of existing rehabilitation challenges in the current health system the cost or budget required to implement the strategic plan, the advantage and adaptability of the Strategic plan especially when it comes to health worker force Uganda as a country has the required human resource.

The following indicators will be explored when monitoring the proposed Uganda National Strategic Plan for rehabilitation and assistive technology service.
1- Input indicators these will included the human resources and finances required in conducting training for the multidisciplinary team that will have meetings at the ministry of health to develop policies and guidelines regarding rehabilitation and ATs.
2- The Process and Out put indicator this will measure the whether the scheduled training for example health workers on new rehabilitation interventions took place, portion of rehabilitation health workers with improved case management as per given time interval and ministerial meetings.
3- Outcome indicator will be used to access the number patients with who rehabilitation need as been met by the rehabilitation professionals who received continuous professional development training and the Number of Assistive technology devices allocated in a given time interval.
4- Impact indicator this will help in accessing the overall health status of the target population for example the improved livelihood of individuals living with disability thus improved overall rehabilitation services in the country.

The steps of a continuous Monitoring and Evaluation process will be deployed for a better intervention and this will be guide by data acquired through the M & E system.