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Using the assessment tool from the course, I would rate my emotional intelligence as below:

1) Self-awareness: I rate myself a 3. I recognize my emotions and understand their impact on my behavior and performance about half the time. To improve, I plan to practice mindfulness or journaling regularly to enhance my self-awareness consistently.
2) Managing emotions: I also rate myself a 3. I can usually stay focused and think clearly during emotional situations about half the time. To strengthen this skill, I’ll try techniques like deep breathing or taking short breaks to manage my emotions more effectively.
3) Motivating oneself: I rate myself a 4. I often use my emotions to drive and guide myself towards goals. This indicates a strong ability to maintain motivation and perseverance in the face of obstacles, which is beneficial for achieving long-term objectives.
4) Empathy: I rate myself a 3. I have the ability to sense and understand the emotions of others about half the time. To develop my empathy further, I’ll actively listen to others without judgment and practice putting myself in their shoes during interactions.
5) Social skill: I rate myself a 4. I am adept at managing and influencing emotions in relationships and can inspire others. This strength in social skills is crucial for successful teamwork and leadership.

With these results, here are my following plan:
1) I will reflect on my results to understand my strengths and areas for improvement in emotional intelligence.
2) I plan to take immediate action by focusing on one or two areas, such as practicing self-reflection techniques for self-awareness or actively seeking to understand others’ perspectives for empathy.
3) I will regularly reassess my emotional intelligence to track progress and continue growing in these competencies.

By focusing on incremental improvements, I believe I can enhance my overall emotional intelligence and strengthen my effectiveness in personal and professional relationships.