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Vision and Mission of the Ministry of Health and the Health Service Department of Cambodia:

1) Ministry of Health, Cambodia:

1.1) Vision: To ensure the health, well-being, and quality of life of all people in Cambodia.

The Ministry of Health’s vision has evolved to address Cambodia’s changing healthcare landscape. Initially focused on basic healthcare provision and disease prevention, the vision has expanded to include broader healthcare goals such as improving healthcare access, enhancing healthcare infrastructure, and combating emerging health challenges like non-communicable diseases and healthcare disparities across regions. The ministry’s strategic plans and policies now emphasize a holistic approach to healthcare that integrates preventive measures, treatment, and public health education.

1.2) Mission: To ensure the provision of equitable, accessible, and quality health services to improve the health and well-being of all Cambodians, with a focus on preventive measures, treatment, and health promotion.

The Ministry of Health of Cambodia is dedicated to overseeing and coordinating the health sector, aiming to provide comprehensive healthcare services across the country. Its mission emphasizes equitable access to healthcare, focusing on preventive measures to reduce disease burden, providing effective treatment options, and promoting public health initiatives to enhance overall well-being.

2) Department of Health Service, Cambodia:

2.1) Vision: To be a leading provider of accessible, equitable, and quality health services for all Cambodians.

The Department of Health Service’s vision has evolved in response to increasing demands for healthcare services and advancements in healthcare delivery. Initially focused on providing basic health services to the population, the vision has expanded to include goals such as enhancing healthcare infrastructure, strengthening healthcare management systems, and improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery. The department now emphasizes equitable access to healthcare services, regardless of socioeconomic status or geographic location, and aims to integrate technology and innovation to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality nationwide.
Department of Health Service, Cambodia:

2.2) Mission: To deliver accessible and responsive health services through effective planning, regulation, and implementation, ensuring the highest standards of healthcare for all Cambodians.

The Department of Health Service plays a critical role in managing and delivering healthcare services at the operational level. Its mission centers on ensuring that healthcare services are accessible to all citizens, maintaining high standards of service delivery through effective planning and regulation, and responding promptly to healthcare needs across different regions of Cambodia.