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The new intervention is “Rehabilitation Needs of City Dwellers: A RE-AIM Framework-Guided Intervention in Uganda”

1. Aspects of the Intervention to guide Planning and eventual success of the project are;
=>Target Population. Focus on vulnerable city dwellers with limited access to rehabilitation services, including the elderly, disabled, and underprivileged.
=>Evidence-Based Practices: Utilize proven rehabilitation techniques and incorporate patient-centered approaches.
=>Community Engagement: Involve community members in all stages of the intervention, from design to implementation and evaluation.
=>Sustainability Plan: Secure funding, build partnerships, and establish mechanisms for long-term operation.
=>Monitoring and Evaluation: Regularly track key indicators to assess progress and make necessary adjustments.

2. Indicators that will be used to monitor the intervention’s success:
=>Reach: Number of community-based rehabilitation centers established and people reached.
=>Effectiveness: Improvement in functional outcomes, quality of life, and patient satisfaction.
=>Adoption: Percentage of healthcare organizations and individuals using the intervention.
=>Implementation: Adherence to protocols, quality of service delivery, and staff training.
=>Maintenance: Continuation of services after the initial project period.

Monitoring and Evaluation Steps
=>Establish a dedicated monitoring and evaluation team.
=>Develop a comprehensive data collection plan and use standardized tools.
=>Conduct regular monitoring visits to track progress.
=>Analyze data and provide timely feedback to stakeholders.
=>Use evaluation findings to inform ongoing adjustments and improve intervention effectiveness.