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Q.1. To guide the planning and success of an intervention the following steps will be taken:
Will borrow heavily from the RE-AIM framework of Reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation and maintenance)
-The problem will be defined and use of data sources will help justify the current situation. Sources of data will include: population survey, summary data tools, individual records, census, social registers, hospital records, service records among others.
-Select target population with varied characteristics to participate in the intervention. The settings for the intervention will be identified.
– Goals and objectives setting
-Selection of intervention(s) and possible source of resources will be identified
-Community engagement at all stages will be conducted to enhance ownership of the intervention.
-Develop activities and materials, train staff. pretest the intervention
-Implement the intervention
-Monitor and evaluate the intervention.
Q.2. The following indicators will be used to monitor the success of the intervention:
Indicators that will be used include:
-Rehabilitation expenditure to measure the rehabilitation expenditure in relation to health care expenditure,
-Rehabilitation personnel density
-Rehabilitation in tertiary hospital
-Multidisciplinary rehabilitation for people with complex needs.
-rehabilitation integrated in in health plans
Q.3. To ensure adequate monitoring and Evaluation
-Establish clear objectives and goals
-Identify good indicators to monitor progress
-set baseline and involve stakeholders
-identify data collection plan
-Create analysis plan
-Plan for dissemination and reporting
-Regular monitoring and periodic evaluation