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Data source I will use to gather information will be:
1. The national census: (Tanzania National Census 2022) to inform me about the population and the proportion of disability within the country
2. Individual records in the health facilities (Health record system within the facility) : to get enlighten of the burden information on the health condition impairment and activity limitation
3. Social registry (Tanzania Registrar of Societies): to gather information regarding the services available in the society (e.g. registered societies for people living with disability) and the acceptability and accessibility in relation to social believes and task distribution
4. Service records (within the existing health facilities rehabilitation centers): will inform on number of services the clients receive, hence understanding the extent rehabilitation services is prescribed
5. Population survey (Tanzania National Beuro of Statistics): will inform me on resources available, resources needed, resources missing and services available
6. Resource records (from the available health facilities in the district): to examine the availability of assistive technology and human resource (availability of multidisciplinary services)
To add evidence and enhance strategies for implementation I will also include regional (east Africa, Africa) and global data