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1. The use of Telerehabilitation as an intervention to reduce the number of people with unmeant rehabilitation need in Uganda by the Uganda ministry of health fits directly with the priorities of the ministry since this reduces on the expenses required to have a rehabilitation specialist travel to different parts of the country to attend to the different clients.
The is improved mobile network coverage and many Ugandan are now using smart phones this is evident that use of telerehabilitation will easy be adopted by different cultures since the shared information can easily be translated into different languages.
Currently there are no cultural limitations to use of phones and the issues of privacy can be address through software encryption.
The people in remote communities will easily appreciate telerehabilitation since they will not have to incur an extra transportation cost to have checkups and reviews during the rehabilitation process.

2. To the different stakeholder on board I will employ the five engagement levels of the international association for public participation and this will include;- sharing information across all national media channels to alert them of the new proposed intervention and later I will have to call for a physical stakeholders meeting to consult them of what they think of the Telerehabilitation innervation since their feedback is very important and a good number of the stakeholders will be identified and involved in developing the materials to be incorporated in the telerehabilitation intervention. These stakeholders will include both the inner context like the rehabilitation professionals who will be providing the service and the managers of the facilities where they work for proper implementation of the intervention.

To increase motivation and capacity of the individuals and organisations involved in the implementation of the telerehabilitation strategy, I will use the capacity building strategy which will include training all rehabilitation staff and facility managers involved in the implementation of the use of the telerehabilitaion software and also allocation of allowance for providing this service.

CPDs programs will be implemented in all health facilities educate all health workers on how to advice patients on how to use this service.
Training and advocacy to political leaders, traditional leader, the community meetings, school, churches on the use and benefits of the new proposed telerehabilitation intervention.