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>How does the proposed intervention fit with the priorities of your organizations?>Increased Access to Care: Tele rehabilitation expands access to care for individuals who may face barriers to traditional in-person services, such as distance, transportation issues, or physical limitations.
Cost-Effectiveness: tele rehabilitation improves treatment compliance, adherence reduces stress of covering long distance to meet the health worker or follow up appointment hence enhancing patients recovery process
>How does it fit with community values, including the values of diverse cultural groups?
community engagement is essential, the engagement starts early during implementation process to collect facts and generate support for Tele rehabilitation. This can help ensure the intervention is focus to community’s needs and values with respect to preferred language, cultural norms and religious background or beliefs and taboos
>What strategies could you use to target key stakeholders’ awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and intention to integrate the new intervention?
Evaluation and use of feedback mechanisms and training programs, possible support, and continuous educational resources are beneficial for equipping individuals and organizations with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively deliver evidence Tele rehabilitation .

>What strategies could you use to target the motivation and capability of individuals and organizations to engage in implementation process strategies to integrate the new intervention?
Capacity building strategies focus at improving the and capability of organizations and motivation of its staff, giving opportunities for individual development and career to grow their professional and leadership skills.