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-How does the proposed intervention fit with the priorities of your organization?
The intervention aligns with our organizational mission, which is to provide the highest possible level of health services to all people in Uganda through delivery of promotive, preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative health services at all levels”. My Country Uganda has a big population with diverse cultural heritage. Therefore the introduction of Tele rehabilitation will increase the availability and provision of health services , and above all inclusion for all.

-How does it fit with community values, including the values of diverse cultural groups?
Tele rehabilitation will make health services accessible to all, since the medium is cost effective and not time consuming in reach. Different cultural groups will embrace the intervention positively without limitations’, However, In Uganda the Rural setting that comprises of low income earners ,highly peasants may face the challenge of poccessing the gadgets to use, the resources to keep updated always like having sustainable data plus reliable network.

-what strategies could you use to target key stakeholders’ awareness, knowledge, attitudes and intention to integrate the new intervention?
Through thorough involvements, making the stake holders part ad partial of the company, organizing regular meetings, capacity building, and as well encouraging feed back sessions for evaluation.

-what strategies could you use to target the motivation and capabilities of individuals and organizations to engage in implementation process strategies to integrate the new intervention?
capacity building through trainings and workshops emphasizing the organizational goal and vision, appreciation and recognition to good performers inorder to motive other employees, bottom-top face to face interactions for clarity and comfort to create a sense of belonging in the organization, the giving opportunities for career growth would boast the productivity of the organization.