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Oda Msuha

1. -Telerehabilitation could fit within our organization/country particularly in a way of expanding health care accessibility as a single staff can reach out many client including those who come from remote areas and those with difficult transport requirement example those who are using wheelchair which is too costful to higher a private means of transport with the barrier of infrastructures. Thus through Telerehabilitation it will help to promote health care outcome but challenges is lack of awareness of the technology, training for provider and limited internet network in some areas.
-Telerehabilitation will fit with most of community values as it promotes family and community support as the patient does not need to travel far away from home in order to access service is it will be within their reach and this can help to speed recovery as the patient will be happy to see his/her family member with her or him.
also in terms of cost, its cost effective because no need for transport cost. also the patient will be comfortable has she/he wont need to travel far to acquire service.
again it can promote equity as both urban and rural individuals will be able o access the same quality of care this also enhance population from primary care hospital to get similar service
Also it saves time.
2.Dissemination strategies which will involve developing evidence informed interventions thorough employing cost effective data and promoting it to targeted specific group and tell out how it has been beneficial or has help in the community by holding meetings with them to strengthen the evidence to whom and what conditions the intervention has been effective and/or not helpful
– capacity building strategies which will involve providing training , technical assistance, tools and facilitation to support implementation process by knowing how costful and what the resources are needed. also it will help to establishing opportunity to peer networking together with experties so has to promote or improve services to the organization