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1. The proposed intervention fit with the priority of my organization in the following points
a) My organisation is forcusing improving accessibility of rehabilitation services in our region through involving tele-rehabilitation. We have done the preliminary studies to feasibility of tele rehab in Tanzania (Shayo, M.J., Shayo, P., Haukila, K.F., Norman, K., Burke, C., Ngowi, K., Goode, A.P., Allen, K.D., Wonanji, V.T., Mmbaga, B.T. and Bettger, J.P., 2023. Expanding access to rehabilitation using mobile health to address musculoskeletal pain and disability. Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences, 3, p.982175.). In short it is our priority.
2. There is an on going study where we have reached a stage of developing physiotherapy prescription bank, and in this study we have preliminarly identified that about 98% of 300(n)adults with MSK attending our clinic use mobile phone, of them 64.7% use smart phone and 94% of them use it personally while 6% share the phone with another person.
Ninety four percent charge their phones with electricity at home, those who use text messages 100% (300N) can read them without help, 96% can write them without help. Through this preliminary results we have seen indicators that if tele-rehabilitation starts at our organisation; the community has phone, and by using text message many will be able to get the information, although majority use smart phone we may miss others if we start using videos in such group, however level of literacy is sufficient for basic communication and provision of printed exercise program for home use with text or call reminder