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1. Using Telerehabilitation as a case study, put yourself in the shoes of an implementation facilitator, and reflect upon the fit of Telerehabilitation using the following discussion prompts:
• How does the proposed intervention fit with the priorities of your organizations?
• How does it fit with community values, including the values of diverse cultural groups?

Response : The proposed intervention fit with the priorities of our organization which intends to improve access of the population to rehab services. Telerehab seems to be an innovative way to ease the offer of rehab services at the lowest cost and with the potential to reach the most remote located clients… Actually, the use of technologies to improve communication and the spread of information and knowledge is gaining place inside diverse cultural groups. Community values may not hinder the fitness of telerehab as an intervention, but some factors like low maintenance, misuse and damage, language barriers, mindset…may negatively affect the implementation outcomes and sustainment.