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Hoang Thuy Dung

As an implementation facilitator, to ensure the successful integration of Telerehabilitation, In my opinion, it is crucial to employ strategies that enhance stakeholders’ awareness and knowledge through educational workshops and training programs, shape positive attitudes via success stories and testimonials, and foster motivation and capability by providing incentives, supportive leadership, hands-on training, and continuous technical support.
To target the motivation and capability of individuals and organizations to engage in implementation process strategies for integrating Telerehabilitation, I would use the following strategies:

1. Incentive Programs: Introduce rewards and recognition for individuals and teams who demonstrate effective use and integration of Telerehabilitation, motivating them to engage more deeply with the process.

2. Leadership Support: Ensure visible and active support from organizational leaders, which can boost morale and demonstrate the organization’s commitment to Telerehabilitation.

3. Skills Development: Provide comprehensive and ongoing training sessions, workshops, and hands-on practice opportunities to enhance the technical skills and confidence of healthcare professionals.