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In Cambodia, although it was new, we tried telerehab during the Covid 19 pandemic. I did help during the lock down time in particular for service users who need therapy and education on how to use artificial limbs and ATs. Learning from that Telerahab is useful for many ways, and I personally support the approach. If it is properly test and trial in one context that would be very Benefield for it feasibility and adjustability. Understanding the availability of smart phone with cheap cost, and most people has one, Telerehab available in SMS, written, photo, graphic, sound, and video. This is good for the fact that we also have health volunteers who can help follow or working with users in their village (second smallest admirative area in the system). Two drawback are limit internet access in rural community, and the illiterates population including service users are still quite high compare to our neigboring countries. Therefore telehab experts have to carefully design tool and materials for it in a useable and accessible way.

Regarding stakeholders, as said at the community we have volunteers to support the telerehab intervention. At national level, there should be the line ministries and donors who should be able to help putting in place policy, guideline, and promoting activities like training. Research also help to inform how effective the intervention thus provide evidence for improvement and re-test.National level also can initiate mass media to inform population and service providers how the usefulness of telerhab and the effetive ness.