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Albert Erongu

1. Using your knowledge of the frameworks, what aspects of the intervention will you focus on to guide your planning and eventual success of the intervention?
I will focus on the target population to ensure that target participants participate in the intervention (reach), adhere to the intervention approaches, and monitor the behavior change of participants and non-participants.

2. What indicators will you use to monitor the success of the intervention on an ongoing basis?
The following are the indicators I will use;
# of PHC providers trained in basic rehabilitation.
# of Community Health Workers trained in identifying and referring community members needing rehabilitation services.
# of PHC providers trained in assessment and provision of Assistive products (TAP)
# of clients who have benefited from Basic rehabilitation.
# of community members referred for rehabilitation services
# of clients who have benefited from assistive products.

What steps will you take to ensure adequate monitoring and evaluation of the intervention?
First will be the development of the M&E plan during project development.
Frequent monitoring of the project activities by the implementation team
Developing and defining the research questions for process evaluation
Conduct evaluation focusing on the project objectives.