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Hoang Thuy Dung

1. I need evidence from surveys, medical records, interviews, and observational studies. Additionally, reviewing existing literature and analyzing demographic data can reveal patterns and trends, while stakeholder feedback offers insights into systemic and personal challenges faced by the population.
2. Your professional expertise enables you to identify and address clinical challenges, tailor interventions to patient needs, and apply specialized knowledge in rehabilitation techniques. Organizational access provides resources, collaborative networks, and policy influence, allowing you to effectively develop, implement, and advocate for interventions that are practical, sustainable, and well-supported.
3. in my opinion, Formative research needed includes:

Needs Assessment: Surveys, interviews, and focus groups to identify specific needs and preferences of the target population.
Pilot Studies: Small-scale trials to test the feasibility and effectiveness of proposed interventions.
Stakeholder Engagement: Involving patients, families, and healthcare providers in the design and feedback process to ensure practical and acceptable solutions.
Gap Analysis: Evaluating current services to determine what is lacking and where improvements are needed.
4. When considering potential interventions, the following factors are crucial:
Resource Availability: Financial, human, and material resources.
Training and Support: Adequate staff training and ongoing support.
Scalability and Sustainability: Long-term viability and ability to scale up.
Monitoring and Evaluation: Continuous assessment and improvement.
Cultural Sensitivity: Appropriateness for the target population.
Stakeholder Buy-in: Support from patients, families, and providers.
Policy Compliance: Adherence to relevant regulations.