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2.Post your reflection on the strength areas that need attention and development priorities as identified by the emotional questionnaire on the discussion board.

understand and control our emotions, as well as, our ability to understand and deal with the emotions of others around us.
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deals more with skills to be developed than just personality traits, I look at areas of growth for myself when it comes to explaining my own emotional intelligence. I learned that emotional intelligence involves interpersonal skills and the ability to manage the behaviors and emotions of others in the workplace. In order to achieve emotional intelligence at a high level, many factors regarding ones self must be analyzed. Self-Awareness, Self Motivation, and Self Regulation are all key components of emotional intelligence. In order to be self aware, I must be able to understand my own emotions, and my own strengths and weaknesses, as well as my needs. Self-regulation requires that one be able to adapt to changes, and self-discipline. Self-motivation looks at ones ability to achieve, and have passion for what they do.
are that I am a hard worker, and that I take the time and effort necessary in order to complete a task. I respect the chain of command, and am a follower of rules. This is important when working in a healthcare setting due to all the policies and regulations related to confidentiality in patients, as well as interactions with clinicians to maintain proper care for patients. Other strengths according to my assessment are that I am good at explaining and helping others, and that I have patience and clarity in my explanations. I find this to be essential in managing others in a workplace, because this means that communication is a strong point of mine, which is necessary in field of health care.

earlier, involves self-awareness, which includes understanding me needs, I need to focus much of my attention on improving this matter. Another weakness that is a key component of emotional intelligence is my tendency to avoid trying something new. I tend to be stuck in my ways, and not willing to accept new challenges, which is a weakness that will be reflected in the work I do for an organization that is trying to change their methods, if I am unable to reverse this weakness.

Now that I have identified my weaknesses, I must find ways to improve my emotional intelligence. I believe the first step to improving your emotional intelligence is to self evaluate to pinpoint weaknesses. Since, I have already done so, I need to choose a method of improvement. I believe that a good start would be to evaluate how I react in stressful situations. I feel that when stressful situations arise, it is me who puts myself into a stressful situation, which may be contrary to what I once believed. I once thought that the stress comes to me, however I have now been able to examine myself in team settings, and have realized that I allow myself to be stressed. My stress stems from my two largest weaknesses: my inability to deal with conflict/inability to assert my needs and my resistance to trying new methods. Since these two tendencies trigger my stress, I must recognize when they are prominent, and face them head on.