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Oda Msuha

4. Upon building strong leadership and increasing political support for Rehabilitation services education and awareness about the importance and benefits or rehabilitation need to be addressed to the stakeholders and the population.

Engage stakeholders such as community organizations, health care providers and advocacy group to show how how rehabilitation aligns with their goals and values.

Use of data and evidence from successful rehab programs to demonstrate their effectiveness on improving individual quality of life and its cost effectiveness.

Advocacy and representation by empowering individual with disability to become advocates for rehabilitation by sharing their need and experience and encourage their involvement in policy discussion and decision making processed to to develop inclusive policies that prioritize access to rehab service to people with disability.

Public engagement and awareness campaigns about importance of rehabilitation for people with disability through use of social media, community outreach to share some of resilience and empowerment.

Advocate legal protection and right that ensure equal access for rehabilitation services for individual with disability