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some studies reveal that there are great leaders born with qualities that make them succeed in achieving organizational goals , however , others develop skills through training and experience. I concur with the notion that, development pf leadership skills through training and experience is important even if one is not born with specific characteristics.
I consider the late president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela a born leader who lead with courage, embraced diversity , upheld unity and unlocked the potential in others. Late President , Martin Luther King was also a born leader. The former president of USA, Baraka Obama is an example of a made leader. He was born in a humble family and later developed leadership abilities to lead one of the most powerful continent in the world.
I realized that there is need to change and work on my emotional intelligence and leadership abilities. The self evaluation is a wake up call for me to reflect and work to improve my on my weakness.
Vision statement examples: 1) To be the national leader in high value rehabilitation and post acute care and to develop integrated systems of care.
2) Restoring hope and freedom through rehabilitation.
To gain strong leadership and political support for rehabilitation services in Kenya, we have come up with a rehabilitation and assistive technology strategy 2022-2026 that we hope to influence policy makers to adapt and implement. We hope to share data and research on knowledge translation forums to influence partners and policy makers to support rehabilitation.