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2. Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire Reflection

Strengths: I scored high on being self-aware, motivating others and empathy. This resonates with who I am as a person. I am an individual who likes to self-reflect on various situations and am usually able to identify and articulate what specifically is making be feel a certain way or making me behave a certain way. I care for the people around me and often want to do what will make them happy. I also reflect on what motivates and drives other people’s behaviours and believe that there is always a reason as to why someone is being ‘difficult.’ Understanding motivating factors is also important as a leader because you are able to better understand what will drive people and create situations/opportunities that align.

Needs Attention: The area I scored lowest on was managing emotions. I always thought I was quite good at this because I am very good at hiding my emotions and not necessarily communicating to others how I am feeling. However, I am learning that keeping things bottled inside is not an effective way to manage emotions and can be manifested physically in my behaviour, tone and conversations with others. While I scored well on the social skills, it was my second lowest score and I do believe that this is still an area that needs my attention. There are certain social situations that still make me anxious and while I can push myself out of my comfort zone, my preference is to always avoid these situations if I am given the chance.