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How are leaders made?

If you still think that great leaders are not made, but born, then I advise you to look back and think about those who rose above history. You will find that these people share characteristics that not only make them unique, but also help them generate innovative ideas to change the world. Are these people born leaders? No, the different contexts and challenges they face and the opportunities they present allow them to develop the skills and habits that make them inspiring role models.From Nelson Mandela to Kamala Harris to Elon Musk to Steve Jobs to Melinda Gates (the list of inspiring leaders is endless), we can notice a common trait: these people are not looking for leadership. A boss who wants to make a difference. They encountered obstacles along the way and had to work hard to keep creating and innovating with a lot of courage, no matter the circumstances. All these people have made mistakes and disappointments more than once, but they still retain the confidence, commitment and flexibility to change course if necessary.
How are leaders built in organizations?

The internal and external situations that affect your organization will affect the type of leader you will have. Let’s go back to the original question: Are leaders made or born? If you believe they are born, the idea that leadership is an innate ability reserved for the few will not allow you to discover the most promising talents that can make a difference in your company as leaders.
Instead, if you think they’re done, you should remember that, with the right organizational culture and the right digital tools for professional growth, you can train and nurture leaders. Leadership so they can successfully handle any internal or external situation, from people to an Unexpected global crisis.