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1. Leadership behavior can be taught vs leaders are born. What do you think? Provide your rationale and an example of a born and made leader.
Leaders are always born though their leadership skills can be shaped better through constant mentorship. Abetter leader should be born with the innate trait which kick start the characteristics of a good leader.
Example of a born leader is Nelson Mandela former president of the Republic of South Africa who exhibited his leadership qualities from the young age.

2. Post your reflections on your strengths, areas that need attention, and development priorities as identified by the emotional intelligence questionnaire on the discussion board.
I have strength in all areas of emotional intelligence though there is need for continious improvement to be better leaders.

3. Research some vision statements of various organizations. Post at least two such statements on the discussion forum and explain how these may have evolved.
The vision statement of Refugee Law Project in Uganda states that all people enjoy their human rights, irrespective of their legal status. This vision is supported by relevant international laws as well as the Constitution of Uganda to protect the forced migrants.
The vision statment of CoRSU Hospital, “People with disability in Uganda are able to access Rehabilitation services that improve their quality of life and that they are fully integrated in society” this vision evolved due to the gap in rehabilitation for persons with disability within the country.

4. Post your reflections on building strong leadership and increasing political support for rehabilitation of your country on the discussion board.
In Uganda, rehabilitation is just taking shape since government had not invested so much, there are rehabilitation professionals offering rehabilitation services though for strong leaderships, there is need to build their capacity to be able to advocate and advance the rehabilitation services. To increase the political support, there is need for continous engagements of the political wing to understand rehabilitation and why there is need to advance the call for rehabilitation.