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      My name is Gyezaho Collins and I am an ICT Officer / Health Informatician with 6 years of experience in the healthcare field, to be specific, population health research.
      As an ICT/Software Developer/Health Informatician with experience in both technology and healthcare, I am enthusiastic about the transformative potential of rehabilitation in healthcare. With advancements in technology, I believe that the role of ICT professionals in this field is crucial to enhancing patient outcomes and improving the overall healthcare landscape.

      My Expectations

      1. In-depth Understanding of Healthcare Rehabilitation: I expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles, practices, and ethical considerations involved in rehabilitation.

      2. Collaborative Learning: I anticipate engaging in collaborative learning experiences with healthcare professionals, rehabilitation specialists, and fellow ICT professionals

      3. Lastly, Integration of Technology into Rehabilitation Processes

      When i think about Rehabilitation , the first words that come to my mind are hope, recovery, restoration, etc. Generally, a multifaceted and transformative process that restores hope, rebuilds lives, and empowers individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

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