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      Since the 2015 Nepal earthquake, there has been increasing awareness, leadership, planning and coordination for rehabilitation efforts in Nepal. The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) now has focal unit for rehabilitation leadership. The technical capacity of the focal unit has enhanced after deputing the domain technical expert and ongoing technical assistance from partner organization. Health system leadership and planning have strengthened at the federal level, but there are certain limitations at the sub-national/provincial and local level/ municipal on the leadership aspect which lacks the domain specific human resource as a contact point for rehabilitation initiatives. Hence, Nepal can build a strong leadership and increase political will for rehabilitation by:
      -Defining leadership structure at federal, provincial and local level to uptake rehabilitation initiatives
      -Strengthening rehabilitation planning process and its integration across health planning/programs
      -Develop coordination mechanism among different line ministries and stakeholders
      -Develop, integrate and update policy, strategy, plans, protocols, guidelines that captures rehabilitation and assistive technology

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