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      Even all of the frames are necessary, I would like to focus on three frames in this case.
      1. Reach
      Using statistics, it is important to accurately determine the number of representative groups of people. Often, we use statistical formulas to calculate the number of representative groups of people from the total population of a given area. If the number of representative people is wrong, there is a risk that our study will be completely wrong. So, in this case, a representative percentage should be selected from the statistics of the total stroke population
      2. Effectiveness
      It depends one hundred percent on whether the survey questions are open or closed. If more closed-ended questions are included, open-ended responses can be better validated by combining the open-ended interview format with video and audio recordings. For this, it is necessary to have sufficient human resources, equipment, and finances. Open-ended questions are time-consuming.
      3. Implementation
      An experienced researcher should be employed as a supervisor every day during the research and should monitor the implementation daily. Also, it is necessary to make a contract before the beginning of the research to prevent the change of employees during the research.

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