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      Hi All,

      I’m Nelsha Haji, based in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. I’m an Associate Director at Results for Development and have recently been leading some work on improving access to assistive technologies.

      My expectations for this course are to develop a better understanding of rehabilitation systems and how health systems can be further strengthened for rehabilitation, disability inclusion and assistive technologies. I also hope to meet other individuals across the globe and learn how rehabilitation systems work in different contexts and have the opportunity to exchange learnings.

      The first words that come up for me when I think of rehabilitation are as follows:
      – Regaining optimal daily functioning
      – Activities of daily living
      – Recovery
      – Therapy
      – Assistive technologies

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      Hello All,

      My expectations from this module would be;
      1. How rehabilitation is integrated in the health system-methods, principles
      2. How do we come to develop standard rehabilitation services package?

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      Tshering Penjor

      The term rehabilitation to me sounds like finding your own habitat again which you have once lost it.

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