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      In my region, Syria, and Turkey, where I primarily operate as part of Relief International, rehabilitation services are included in healthcare coverage to varying extents.


      Due to the ongoing conflict, rehabilitation services have been significantly disrupted. However, there are efforts by various NGOs and international organizations to provide these services. These efforts include physical therapy, provision of assistive devices, and community-based rehabilitation (CBR) programs aimed at supporting those with disabilities and injuries.
      The Syrian healthcare system, in collaboration with international donors, attempts to include rehabilitation services, but coverage is often inconsistent and primarily dependent on external aid.


      Turkey, hosting a large number of refugees, including those from Syria, faces additional pressures on its healthcare system, including rehabilitation services, following the earthquake.
      While Turkey has a more structured healthcare system compared to Syria, the influx of refugees poses challenges in ensuring equitable access to rehabilitation services.
      Rehabilitation services are integrated into the national healthcare system, with coverage under the General Health Insurance scheme. However, the capacity to cater to the increased demand from both the local population and refugees may be strained, especially in the affected regions.

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