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      1. NGOs Working to Meet Rehabilitation Needs:
      Several NGOs are actively working in Turkey and Syria to address the rehabilitation needs of the population. These include:


      Relief International: Provides comprehensive rehabilitation services to refugees and host communities.


      Relief International: Offers rehabilitation services in conflict-affected regions, focusing on physical therapy and psychological support.
      Handicap International: Works to improve access to rehabilitation services and assistive devices in Syria.

      2. Use of WHO Guide to Action:
      Turkey has been making strides in integrating WHO’s Guide to Action into its health policies. Efforts are focused on strengthening health systems to include comprehensive rehabilitation services as part of universal health coverage. Rehabilitation services are increasingly being integrated into the national healthcare system, ensuring broader access to necessary care.

      In Syria, the ongoing conflict poses significant challenges to the full implementation of WHO’s Guide to Action. However, NGOs and international organizations strive to incorporate these guidelines to the extent possible within their programs, aiming to provide essential rehabilitation services despite the challenging environment.

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